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Every year here at Bjornquist Films we like to create a short that is either a commentary or spoof on an Academy Front runner film for the Awards Season. We like to cast kids in the parts and tailor the roles accordingly.  Here are some of the fruits of our labor!

The Remnant
Remnant2 poster.jpg
The Favoured
Favored laurels.jpg
The Shillelaghian
Shillelaghian Punch Sidewalk.jpg
Coming soon

Director:  Whitney Hamilton and David Macke

Screenwriter:  Emily Kaczmarek

Genre:  Short Drama

co-production: {Your Name Here}: A Queer Theater​ Company

​Power moms Elliot and Kathleen are shaken when their 10-year-old son Jeremy is caught in an aggressive, sexually charged situation with a younger child on the school playground. In talks with the school principal and one another, the women wrestle with their anxieties about and affections for their son, and grapple with questions of identity, parenting, and innocence: how well do we know our children? And to what extent can we affect who-- or what-- they might become?  Currently streaming on RevryTV!


*Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival '14, Sidewalk Film Festival '14, Orlando Film Festival '14*

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