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​A woman disguises herself as her dead brother, Henry, in order to survive in the Confederate ranks during the Civil War. With the help of Indians hiding in the mountains 'Henry' is reunited with the widow, Virginia, who saved his life at the battle of Antietam and marries her to rescue Virginia from an unfortunate arranged betrothal. They keep each others secrets and forge an unusual family. It is the alchemy of gratitude.  ​​Loosely based on the book "Firefly" and a  sequel to My Brother's War. Like Us!

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Director:          Whitney Hamilton

Screenwriter:  Whitney Hamilton

Genre:              LGBT/Action Adventure​/Historical

                          Indican Pictures - Theatrical

                          Lionsgate - All media USA

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Director:                Whitney Hamilton

Screenwriter:        Whitney Hamilton

Genre:                    Historic Drama/LGBT

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"An indie which is able to survive thanks to the effort and perseverance of its creator, "My Brother’s War" is microbudget film worth a look."


​A young woman, Grace Kieler, takes on the identity of her brother, Henry, in order to search for him in the Confederate ranks during the Civil War. Along the way she meets a widow, Virginia Klaising, escaping the Union soldiers who have burned her farm and killed her child. Together they heal each others wounds. Over four hundred women fought disguised as men in the ranks of the American Civil War. Whitney Hamilton teams up with Dana Bennison to tell this intimate Civil War tale based on true accounts and diaries of women and soldiers during the era.  New Hope Film Festival 2011 (Nominated for Art House film), Southern Appalachian International FIlm Festival 2011, The Bluegrass Independent Film Festival 2005, The Temeculah International Film Festival 2005, Methodfest Film Festival 2005 (Whitney Hamilton nominated for Best Actress, Nominated for best low-budget Indie).  A Prequel to UNION.  Now on and Amazon Prime. Streaming on free TV at AppleTVVuDu, tubi tv and Plex!

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Director:             Whitney Hamilton

Screenwriter:     Whitney Hamilton

Genre:                 Period/Thriller/Art House

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Steeped in gothic imagery and Victorian-era sexuality, this feature film by returning auteur Whitney Hamilton, whose two screenings at New Hope Film Festival are characterized by passion and a burning desire to capture true-to-life history, A Rogue in Londinium is an imaginative take on art and the human psyche. Richard Rhys, a painter in Victorian London, is the prime suspect in the Jack the Ripper murders. In a chance encounter he meets a wealthy reformer and socialite, Victoria Thornton, married to the richest man in England. Their passionate love affair results in a pregnancy and possible scandal and ruin. It is a story of redemption and true love.  Lucerne International Film Festival 2011, New Hope Film Festival 2012 - Honorable Mention Indie Spirit Award Nominated for best Art House film. Stream it on Amazon Prime Video, Alice Movies on XUMO, TubiTV, Plex and ROKU

Director:             Whitney Hamilton

Screenwriter:     Ensemble

Genre:                 Mockumentary-cult

Elizabeth Fahrenheit is "Tickles" the clown. A struggling actress in New York City, she works children's parties as a beloved clown to make ends meet. Looking for love can be a daunting task in Gotham. But Elizabeth soon realizes she is something special. Every time she is intimate with a date, the man spontaneously combusts. We follow her on her journey (documentary style) and discover interesting facts via her drag queen roommate, "Gemini", her best friend, "Bubbles", her therapist and group therapist, her gynecologist and past life regression coach. Many theories surface including CIA conspiracy, UFO abduction and faulty clown make-up. Originally shot in 1998 on film with a Bolex, this mockumentary has the flavor of a cross between Kevin Smith's "Clerks" and Woody Allen's "Zelig". Watch it here!

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