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Spontaneous Human Combustion

The story of a flammable clown

Elizabeth Fahrenheit is "Tickles" the clown.  A struggling actress in New York City, she works children's parties as a beloved clown to make ends meet.  Looking for love can be a daunting task in Gotham.  But Elizabeth soon realizes she is something special.  Every time she is intimate with a date, the man spontaneously combusts.  We follow her on her journey (documentary style) and discover interesting facts via her drag queen roommate, "Gemini", her best friend, "Bubbles", her therapist and group therapist, her gynecologist and past life regression coach.  Many theories surface including CIA conspiracy, UFO abduction and faulty clown make-up.  Originally shot in 1998 on film with a Bolex, this mockumentary has the flavor of a cross between Kevin Smith's "Clerks" and Woody Allen's "Zelig". Watch it here

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