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Two mature women eluding pirate catchers find exile in New Orleans, where they reunite with a powerful African queen who runs a syndicate.


Reluctant abolitionists, these privateers are pressed into service to intercept slave ships and redirect the human cargo to safety.


In amusing ways, they redefine their love, purpose, intimate relationship, and identities in a dangerous and cruel world.

Thelma & Louise of the high seas

What makes it unique?...The TONE

The series is a mystical odyssey about the plight of women, queer folk and people of color making their way in a harsh and unequal world. Set at the intersection of the mystical natural world and the masculine dominated past, it explores a world in which identity, self-reflection, mysticism and the sacred earth mingles with empathy, humor and compassion to create enduring love.

With visual styles like


A dark odyssey about the trials and tribulations of women making their way in a
man’s world utilizing the power of intuition and self identity to accomplish their desires.
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