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A Bit About Me

Whitney is currently working with her team on her current TV project The Privateers, loosely based on Anne Bonny and Mary Read, female pirates during the golden Age of piracy. Whitney’s fictional women work for the crown then go rogue. They find themselves on the lam and become the Thelma and Louise of the High Seas.


Whitney’s feature films include, UNION, A Rogue in Londinium and My Brother’s War. UNION is on most vod platforms like iTunes, VuDu and Redbox among others while A Rogue in Londinium and My Brother’s War are streaming on Tubi tv, Amazon prime, Plex, Roku and Xumo.


Whitney’s films usually have a queer storyline uncovering hidden histories bringing to light the fact that the LGBTQI community has always been present since the beginning of time. Raised in New Orleans, Louisiana and Birmingham, Alabama, she was awarded her Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art (Painting) from Birmingham Southern College and moved to New York to gain her Master’s from the world famous Pratt Institute.


During her first year she was chosen by the noted art historian and author Barbara Rose, to be her personal assistant on the publication The Journal of Art. While in Art School Whitney also attended the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute and became involved in the off-off Broadway Theater scene in the 1990’s. Sharpening her acting and writing skills as a member of 13th Street Rep, Weird Sisters, Oberon Theater and Accidental Rep with John Strasberg, she began experimenting in film beginning in the late 90’s with a slew of short films. She also worked on other projects with students from NYU Tisch as well as Columbia University Film School.


She continues to make and sell her art.

Work Experience

2022 - 2023

2020 - 2022
Web Series 2021



Feature Film


The Privateers

That Picnic Show with Nancy

Sidewalk Film Fest (2022)

The Schillelaghian 

Sidewalk Film Fest, Jellyfest (2020)

The Favored

Sidewalk Film Fest (2019)


Sidewalk Film Fest (2018), Santa Fe Film Fest, Sedona Film Fest, Criac Fest NYC, Azalea Film Fest, Richmond International Film Fest, New Hope Film Fest - Best Director, Best Artistic Spirit - (2019) - Over 115 awards and counting.

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