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The music of the Appalachian Mountains brings back a bygone era. That is why it was thrilling to work with Jimi Zhivago our musical supervisor and consummate musician. When we first met with Jimi he felt strongly that the film had to be scored with instruments of the era. No electronic, synthesized or digitally manufactured sound would be used. The idea being that the instrument whether it be piano, guitar or banjo would mirror where the characters were in their journey. A piano makes one think of home or someplace secure. A guitar or a banjo reflects the sense of traveling or journey since soldiers during the Civil War often brought their instruments with them. And the vocals bring in the sense of spirit or soul lifting one up out of the world and into a higher place. We could have opted for a huge orchestral score but decided that the intimacy portrayed in the film was best served with the simple common musical themes of the period. In this case less was much more. Featured Artists:


Jimi Zhivago

Kim Taylor

Tim Eriksen

Gary Fitzgerald

Sarah Hawker

Riley Baugus

Susan McKeown

Kieran McGee

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